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Marketing and you: a match?

As an entrepreneur you know that this role has many different parts. What if marketeering is not your favourite one or what if you want to spend more time in your zone of genius instead of spending time at marketing?

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Marketing advice

This one is for you when you want to follow up on your own marketing and you want to learn more about it and using tips and tricks on the job.


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Setting up a webinar

In order to attract clients to get to know  you and your company and to learn about your offer – a webinar is an excellent solution.


Setting up a webinar is not just organised in a flash. You like to understand what has to be done prior, how you can attract clients with webinars and what systematic approach is behind it.

Marketing support

Marketing is really not something which gives you happiness. You don’t like computers, nor systems. 

You perfectly understand the needs of your clients and you want a professional to do it for you.

More on Marketing advice

Marketing advice when and adapted to your needs – weekly advice or project related.

Choose between 6 hours of marketing advice or 12 hours which you can pick up whenever you want and on different topics:

  • social media channels,
  • targeted posts,
  • your website,
  • follow up on your digital stats and
  • even your marketing mindset.

Among other solo-entrepreneurs this flexible marketing advice is the preferred solution.

More on Setting up webinars

A succesful webinar… where does one begin? 

Preparation is the key as well as many technical actions running in the background such as thank you notes when your client has subscribed to the webinar. 


I take you through this whole process from the launch to the ‘did you miss our webinar?’ note.

IrisForBiz - Help when organising a webinar

More on Marketing Help

As a freelance marketeer I can help you with writing, posting for your social media channels, keeping your WordPress website up to date, following up your digital statistics from various channels where your brand is active,  even subtitling in English and Dutch is possible or even preparing a logo briefing for your graphic designer.

About Iris

Marketing and helping your brand and company to a higher visibility by telling your story how you can help your clients in the most optimal way is what I am passionate about.


I am curious and speak three languagues (among English, French and Dutch) fluently. I have a marketing background of more than 20 years in local Belgian business up to and including international companies in different B2B markets for both products and services.


“What story would you like tell your client? What are your values and what makes your brand and company so unique?” These questions are the ones I like to ask among many others. I am looking for your ‘why’ (what you do and for whom) in order to translate your story into a story that attracts your ideal client.


Would you like to know more about me and how I can help you with your marketing? 


You can find me on LinkedIn or even better let’s get in touch.

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Step by step

Step by step I guide you through a social media workshop or tailor-made advice. I want you to get most out of it in order to make your business grow.

How about your marketing plan?

In order to make our collaboration an outmost success I will ask you about your goals and marketing plan. If you need guidance within these fields then we will start here.


I offer you a dialogue where you can ask questions about marketing - not just a theoretical approach. At IrisForBiz it's all about hands-on approach.

How about we work together?

Does your marketing deserve an upgrade or does your business deserve more spotlight attracting your ideal customer?